The holidays are approaching fast.  Let us know how we can make your celebration a little sweeter - with chocolate!

Chocolate Covered Cookies

We create our chocolate covered Oreos(TM) with dark, semi-sweet, milk or white Callebaut chocolate. Chocolate, golden or mint Oreos(TM), or chocolate or mint Oreo(TM) Thins, give these treats both crunch and a creamy center. Designs are created with colored-chocolate molded designs, cocoa butter transferred pictures, or royal icing or sugar appliques. Our chocolate covered Oreos(TM) are made to order, so you choose your chocolate, Oreo(TM) and design combination.  Don't see a design you want?  Ask us!

Please specify design, chocolate surround (milk, white, dark or semi-sweet) and Oreo(TM) (regular, thin, golden or mint)

Oreos(TM) are a registered trademark of the Nabisco Company.

Custom Designs

Let us personalize your cookies!  All custom designs are printed with edible ink on cocoa butter and transferred to thin white chocolate medallions.  This enables us to customize the look while retaining the decadent taste of the milk, semi-sweet or dark chocolate surround.

Design fee (one-time) $15.00                email for a consultation

2-pack $6.00

6-pack $17.00


Thanksgiving and Christmas

Turkeys, Santa, Reindeer, Snowman, Wreath, Tree, Penguin and ornaments.

2-pack $6.00

6-pack $17.00

Please specify design and chocolate (milk, white, dark or semi-sweet) type.  


Our ladybugs and footballs add even more chocolate to these favorites.  Each is molded with a thin white and dark chocolate design. 

Single   $ 3.50

Ladybugs are available in dark, semi-sweet or milk chocolate.

Footballs are milk chocolate.


Oreo(TM) Thins provide a thinner, crunchier option with less "stuff" in the middle.  

2-pack $6.00

6-pack $17.00

Please specify  chocolate (milk, white, dark or semi-sweet) type.  Designs are colored white chocolate or cocoa butter transfers on a thin white chocolate medallion.  Please inquire about design availability.


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